When and How to Replace a Vape Coil

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When and How to Replace a Vape Coil

There is a coil in every vape kit and electronic cigarette. They consist of the wicking material, which is often cotton and absorbs your e-liquid, and the coil wire. This wire heats up when the battery is turned on, changing the liquid in the wicking material into vapor. The element of an e-cigarette that transforms e-liquid to steam is the coil. Let us explore why it is crucial to replace the vape coil for your Elf Bar 5000

When to Change Your Vape Coil

The components in a coil may accumulate dirt and jam over time. In addition, if you turn on your vaporizer before it is saturated with liquid, the wicking material may catch fire. Now is the time to swap it out for a new coil.

If you look closely, you can see multiple holes in the metal housing of your coil. The holes, which allow liquid to enter the coil, should allow you to see the cotton inside. Does it have a dirty, brown appearance? Your ring may require replacement since it has burned out.

What Is the Lifespan of a Vape Coil?

Before needing replacement, a coil can function indefinitely. They may last longer or less, depending on the vape liquid you select and how frequently or how much you smoke. Additionally, certain coils last longer than others, depending on the caliber of their manufacture.

Depending on the variables mentioned above, Elf Bar 5000 coils often last one to three weeks.

How to Change a Coil

This may differ slightly depending on the device. The push-fit coils, which can be changed from the bottom of the tank or pod, are now included with many kits and tanks. These are typically favored because you don’t have to handle the unclean, damp part of the coil. The easiest thing to do is refer to the instructions that came with your tank or device, as theElf Bar 5000 puffs devices have minor differences. Below is a straightforward technique for replacing the coil, dependent on the fitment your coil has.

If the kit or tank has push-fit coils

  • After removing the tank from the battery or mod, separate the bottom section of the tank if necessary. Take hold of the coil’s base and pull it away from the base. After that, you can replace this coil by removing it.

If the kit or tank has screw-in coils,

  • Devices with screw-in coils and tanks with glass tops typically require removal of the top portion of the tank. Afterward, you must grip the ring and unscrew it from the base. If you don’t want e-liquid on your hands, use some tissue. After replacing the tank’s glass and top piece, a replacement coil can then be fitted in.

How to Extend the Life of Your Coils

Prime Coils for you

After putting in a new coil, you should always fill your tank and wait at least five minutes before using it to vape. This is known as “priming,” and if you don’t do it, you’ll burn the wicking material and have to throw away your brand-new coil.

Clean the Coils.

Even though it’s unnecessary, doing this will extend the life of your coils. If you’re moving to a different flavor, empty your tank of any remaining e-liquid.

The most straightforward method to clean your coils is to thoroughly rinse them in hot water. Next, enough time must pass for the coil to undergo a thorough test.

Although it was already mentioned that you don’t have to clean your coils, and many vapers choose not to, doing so can help you get more usage out of them over time and help you save money.



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