7 Tips for Choosing and Buying the Right Bubbler Bong for You

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Bubbler Bong

Have you decided to give bubbler pipes a chance after you’ve been dealing with bongs and water pipes for a long time? No surprise right there. Compact and therefore easily transportable, these devices have undeniably grabbed the hearts of a great deal of cannabis enthusiasts, and you seem to be one of them.

Their compactness is not the only advantage, though. Many keen smokers claim to have never had better and smoother hits than those through a bubbler, and that’s one of the reasons why they’re buying them. When you decide to shop bubblers here or anywhere else for that matter, you definitely would want to be careful in choosing the best one for you.

The thing is, however, if you’ve never bought these products in the past, you may be confused as to how to make the best choice. That is, you may not know what are some factors to consider or where to buy the best bubbler bong that is suitable for you. Making the purchase in a rush is not a good idea, so the first thing you’ll have to do is arm yourself with patience.

Naturally, apart from arming yourself with patience, you’ll also have to learn how to make the best choice and how to actually shop for the right products. That’s where I come in to help you out. Below I’ll share some tips you may need when aiming at buying the perfect bubbler bong for you. Tips that will lead you towards making the right decision and spending your time and money wisely.

  • Consider the Size

While these are known for being smaller than water pipes, and for being quite compact in general, they still differ in sizes. Usually ranging from 4 to 10 inches in length, different bubblers are suitable for different purposes. Thus, if travelling is your priority, for example, you should go for a 4- to 6-inch one. On the other hand, if looking for something bigger that can provide you with even smoother hits, going for an 8- to 10-inch device is a better idea.

  • And the Design

While the design won’t have any impact on the functionality of this device, you should still not take it for granted. Why? Because you want to get a bubbler you’ll absolutely love – one that will be appealing to you and that you’ll adore using every single time. The upright, the hammer, the S-shaped; these are just some of the designs you can go for, and then there are also colors and other specifications to consider when aiming at making the perfect purchase.

  • Find Various Shops

You can’t make the perfect purchase, of course, if you don’t find the right shop. The great thing is that you can order these products online, but that doesn’t mean you should just select a random website and be done with it. You’ll need to be quite smarter instead.

Begin by searching for those shops with the help of your browser. Coming across different websites, you’ll get to take a look at those and check which shops offer a good selection of products you can choose among. Naturally, you should also ask around and get opinions from other cannabis enthusiasts, hoping to get some suggestions from them regarding the shops where you can buy smoking devices.

  • Research Them in More Details

Once you’ve talked to some people you trust, and once you’ve found a great deal from those online shops yourself, you will have created a list of those you want to consider in more details. Don’t make the mistake of randomly selecting one of those shops though, as there is still some more research to do. Starting, of course, with checking the legitimacy of the shops, so as to be sure you won’t get tricked into anything since you can’t physically see the item you are buying.

Another thing to consider when researching the shops in more details is the actual selection of the products. You may already have some preferences in mind regarding the styles and the designs that best suites you, and figuring out which shops can sell you the products you’ll like is a must. On top of that, it’s always better to go for a store that offers a wide selection of products, as that will help you get familiar with different designs and ultimately choose the best one for you.

  • Check Reviews

Reading reviews is a crucial thing to do when aiming at making the perfect purchase and being happy with the quality of the device you’ll get. People who have previously bought bubblers from certain places will surely love to share their experiences regarding the quality and to express their overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the products. Checking their opinions out, through reviews of course, will give you a clearer idea as to which stores can offer the best quality products.

  • Check the Costs of the Bubblers

If you’ve previously been buying bongs, then you know those can differ in prices. The same goes for bubblers, of course. The prices will vary from one device to another, as well as from one online shop to another. Therefore, you should take the time to check those out and compare them, aiming at finding a bubbler that will be of great quality while also reasonably priced. Remember, though, that compromising quality for the sake of getting a lower price is never a good idea in the long run.

  • Try a Few Different Ones Out

Who says you have to buy just one of these? Experimenting with the different styles and designs, if you have the funds for it and are ready to spend them this way, is certainly a good idea. By doing so, you’ll get to not only create the perfect collection of bubblers, but also ultimately figure out which devices you like the most and which ones best suit your lifestyle.

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