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Know about who owns keoni CBD gummies

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who owns keoni cbd gummies

Have you heard of the Keoni CBD line of gummies? They’re made with organic ingredients and the best way to take your daily dose of CBD. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious alternative to your normal snacks, Keoni CBD Gummies are the perfect solution. With the highest quality CBD hemp oil and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, you can rest assured that you are taking your CBD oil in the purest form possible. There are many benefits to using CBD hemp oil like Keoni CBD Gummies, including pain relief, anxiety reduction, stress reduction, insomnia relief, mood improvement, and more.

What is keoni cbd gummies?

Well, for starters, it’s a cannabis strain that’s used for making CBD gummies. And CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found naturally in the hemp plant. So CBD gummies are made with the cannabidiol, which gives the gummies the psychoactive properties that the end user seeks out.

How are keoni cbd gummies different from other CBD products?

Keoni cbd gummies are a unique product because they are made with 100% organic hemp and they come in a liquid form that you can swallow easily. These liquid forms are convenient and easy to use when you’re looking for an easy way to consume CBD. They also taste great! We recommend giving Keoni cbd gummies a try for yourself and see if it makes a difference for you.

who owns keoni cbd gummies

Keoni is a CBD-infused gummy candy brand that’s been gaining popularity within the industry and making waves across social media. The product was created by an entrepreneur named Keoni Hernández. The company’s main purpose is to educate consumers on the health benefits of using CBD as a daily supplement. Keoni also hopes to become the #1 CBD company in the United States and wants to help those living with a chronic condition or illness.

 How do I know if keoni cbd gummies work?

Keoni cbd products will help you experience all of the great benefits of CBD without any of the unpleasant side effects. There is no question about it! These products contain 100% CBD and 0% THC. All that matters is that you’re taking the correct dose for your needs. So, take your first step towards a healthier life by learning more about keoni cbd gummies.

What are the benefits of using keoni cbd gummies?

KéONI  is a naturally occurring compound that exists in the cannabis plant. Its potential to treat a wide range of conditions, from nausea to cancer, has been known for years. However, there have only been a handful of human clinical trials looking at CBD’s effects in people. While some of these studies show promise, more data is needed to better understand the benefits and risks of CBD.

What are some of the uses of keoni cbd gummies?

These can help people suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia and PTSD, among other mental health conditions. It’s a great alternative to taking prescription drugs for these ailments because it’s non-habit forming and doesn’t require a doctor’s visit. People with mental health problems that haven’t responded to traditional methods may find relief using CBD. But if you’re just using CBD to help you relax or enjoy some quality time with your kids, these gummies won’t help you.

Is keoni cbd gummies legal?

They are absolutely legal. However, they are still a new product. So, we don’t have a lot of data yet, but it looks like they should be ok. But, just because they are legal doesn’t mean we endorse them or approve of their sale.


Who owns the Keoni CBD Gummies brand? The short answer is Keoni Cilenti. But, who is Keoni Cilenti? Well, Keoni Cilenti was once an internet entrepreneur with a huge following, before she became a cannabis activist. She’s a former YouTube star, and she is known for her videos, which are still watched hundreds of thousands of times a week. Her social media following has grown to over 1 million people. Keoni Cilenti began selling CBD-infused gummies through her CBD products online store, before launching a line of CBD products under the Keoni Cilenti brand. The Cilenti family’s journey with CBD began when they had a baby daughter with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome. Because of this, Keoni Cilenti began researching CBD to see if it could help her daughter.



1. How many grams of CBD are in each package of keoni cbd gummies?

The recommended serving size is one gummy per day. Each package contains 5 grams of CBD.

2. Is keoni cbd gummies legal?

Yes, keoni cbd gummies are legal in all 50 states.

3. Are keoni cbd gummies safe?

Yes, keoni cbd gummies are safe.

4. How can I get keoni cbd gummies shipped to me?

You can purchase keoni cbd gummies online, or you can contact your local dispensary to order keoni cbd gummies for your personal use.

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