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  • Top 10 Marijuana Plants For Your Grow Room
  • The marijuana plant is a member of the cannabis family. In recent years, the plant has come to be known as marijuana. It produces a bud, commonly referred to as the “flower”.
  • For decades, Marijuana has been used as a treatment for glaucoma and cancer. Recently, the U.S. government has decided to reclassify the drug.
  • The legalization of medical cannabis in Canada is a big deal. The country is now the first in the world to allow patients with cancer, AIDS, chronic pain, or other serious illnesses access to legal marijuana.


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Marijuana plants produce a natural pesticide called “cannabidiol” or CBD. The only downside to CBD is that it is illegal to grow in certain states and countries. In these cases, the federal government allows the cultivation of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis plants with low levels of THC and CBD. To grow hemp, farmers plant seeds, and water, and fertilize the soil to encourage growth. After the plants mature, the hemp is harvested and dried.

1. A Brief History of Marijuana

The earliest recorded use of marijuana dates back to ancient Chinese medicine, with use that dates to about 400 B.C. According to a paper by Dr. Lester Grinspoon and James Bakalar titled “marijuana legalization: Its Effects on the Human Body and Mind,” pot was used to treat ailments including rheumatism, pain, constipation, insomnia, asthma, depression, and gout. In 1957, the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council conducted a series of studies on the effects of cannabis. One of the studies found that the use of marijuana could ease anxiety and decrease the number of times people need to fall.

2. Is the Plant Safe?

To answer this question, you’ll need to understand the risks associated with each of these plants. Each plant has its own safety profile based on toxicity studies, human exposure studies, and environmental concerns. Most plants are toxic if eaten in large quantities, and some can cause blindness or even death if taken internally. There are many reasons why a person would want to eat a plant.Knowing the risks of these plants is a key part of knowing which ones are safe to eat, or whether eating a specific one is a smart move.

3. How is Marijuana Used?

These substances can potentiate the effect of marijuana, making it harder to stop using it and more dangerous to the user. Marijuana legalization is necessary.

4. How Does Marijuana Affect the Human Body?

“Marijuana is a drug,” states the Drug Enforcement Agency. “It affects everything that the human body does. It affects your body chemistry; it affects your brain chemistry.”  To begin, the National Institute of Health says that marijuana contains a chemical called THC, which makes people feel good (or high). This may explain why people smoke pot to enjoy themselves.”The real danger is that marijuana will make you sick.” And it does. The effects of marijuana include: Increased heart rate and blood pressure Increased

5. Marijuana types and its legalization

We’ve all heard about THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. These two strains of marijuana legalization have distinctly different effects on the body. Sativa is a short-acting strain that makes people feel happy, euphoric, and creative. Indica is a longer-lasting strain that makes people feel mellow, sleepy, and relaxed.

6. Marijuana Legalization Efforts Around the World

With this data, it’s clear that marijuana legalization efforts are ongoing across the globe. As you begin to examine how cannabis laws are changing around the world, ask yourself questions like: Where are the trends going? How are countries implementing cannabis reform?  These are just some of the questions that you should be asking yourself as you take a closer look at the cannabis legalization efforts around the world.

Plants that look like marijuanas

Plants that look like marijuanas

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