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westinghouse boulevard charlotte nc

Westinghouse Boulevard is one of the busiest streets in Charlotte, NC, and it’s no wonder why. With over 125 stores and restaurants, Westinghouse Boulevard is a shopping destination for all. But what many people don’t know is that Westinghouse Boulevard has also been the home to some of the city’s most iconic businesses. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of these businesses and their history on Westinghouse Boulevard. From General Electric to PepsiCo, read about the businesses that have made this street so special.

Overview of the Westinghouse Boulevard corridor

Westinghouse Boulevard is a major arterial road located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The roadway stretches from Uptown Charlotte to the I-485/I-277 interchange southwest of Charlotte. The corridor is a critical connector for goods and people between the central business district and surrounding neighborhoods.

In recent years, the corridor has experienced significant growth as new businesses and residential developments have sprouted up along its length. This growth has led to increased traffic congestion and challenges for infrastructure planners and policymakers trying to manage this increased demand.

To address these issues, the city of Charlotte is working on some different projects designed to improve mobility and connectivity along Westinghouse Boulevard. One project, known as “The Connector,” will create a wide boulevard through Uptown that will be lined with trees and other amenities to make it more inviting for pedestrians and cyclists. Another initiative, “The Greenway,” will create a linear park that will run parallel to the roadway from the west of I-485 to the east of Albemarle Road.

Overall, the corridor has great potential for continued economic development and improvement. Still, it will require a concerted effort by all involved – including local government officials, businesses, residents, advocates, and others – to realize these goals.

Development of Westinghouse Boulevard

Westinghouse Boulevard is a street in Charlotte, North Carolina, renamed in honor of George Westinghouse, an American inventor, and industrialist. The boulevard stretches for about four miles and serves as a major thoroughfare in the city. The street was originally called Main Street until it was renamed in honor of Westinghouse in 1925. Before its renaming, the street served as the main transportation route connecting the center of Charlotte with uptown Charlotte. Today, portions of Westinghouse boulevard serve as the southern boundary of Uptown Charlotte and are home to many businesses and organizations.

The future of the corridor

The future of the corridor is looking bright. The Charlotte Area Development Corporation (CADC) has reported that projects Westinghouse boulevard will be one of the most successful corridors in the area by 2035.

The corridor is home to various businesses, including banking and financial services, health care, technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and consumer goods. It also boasts high-quality employment opportunities with an average wage above the regional average.

“We are very excited about this report,” said Leslie Irwin, vice president for Economic Development at CADC.

One of the biggest factors contributing to the corridor’s success is its proximity to other major destinations, such as Uptown and Dilworth. The corridor also benefits from its location near I-485 and I-85, which makes it easy for businesses to get customers to their locations.


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